Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recipes: Out With The Old, In With The New

This is one of my recipe binders.  I love this binder from russell+hazel that my husband gifted me a few Christmas's back.  It's full.  Too full. 

Every few months, I pull out my binders and take out the recipes that didn't work and add the one's that did.  I have one whole binder dedicated just to sweets.  I've pretty much stopped buying recipe books.  I'm pretty picky about them.  I like each recipe to have a picture that goes along with it.  Sometimes, that is hard to find. Unless you are awesome like her.  I've found the internet to be my one big virtual cookbook.  

I use page protectors for a variety of reasons.  They wipe clean if I should spill food on them, I can put a recipe on each side and they hold up really well.

Another view.  I have mine categorized.  For my "main dishes" section, I categorize the chicken dishes together, the beef, pork and so on.  This is what works for me.

I really like the band that goes around to secure it shut.

Since I can't afford to have multiple binders like this, I have used this as an alternative.  MUCH cheaper and still looks really good.  It's there for your downloading pleasure.  What do you think?  What works for you?


Britanny said...

I TOTALLY need to do this. I've been meaning to, but life gets in the way. Maybe I will use you for inspiration!

The Herberts said...

I need to do this to. I have so muc recipes that are so unorganized I need them in one place thanks for the ideas

Sarah said...

thanks for the idea. and the binder cover link.