Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wheat Grinding

Meet my wheat grinder.
The Nutrimill. She is very easy to clean and very easy to clean up.

You pour the grain in the top (also known as the hopper)...

and out it comes freshly ground in the container at the bottom...after a few minutes.

This is where you insert the bowl. They have conveniently placed a "yes" and "no" to make sure you have the bowl in all the way. If you can still see the word "no" that means you need to push your bowl in a little more. Nifty, huh?

This is the bowl that captures all of the freshly ground wheat. It can hold up to 20 cups of flour.

This is the top of the bowl. The black circle is a sponge-like filter that captures unwanted particles from the grain.

This is the inside of the bowl. You can see some of my leftover flour. I never clean mine out when I am done with it. I just dump all of my flour into a storage container I have and put the bowl back in the Nutrimill.

Another convenient feature is the way the cord stores inside the machine. No messing with cords all over the place. They sure did get this one right. I have never had a problem with mine going back inside either...and I have had mine for 4 years.

This is white hard wheat.

This is red hard wheat.

You can choose to have super fine OR course flour. The Nutrimill has the ability to grind super fine flour (much finer than any other impact mill) and also adjust to produce the courser flour you may need for things such as cornbreads. Nutrimill has a 400% range of adjustment from fine to course, ten times greater than other mills. The possibilities are endless!

I LOVE white hard wheat because of its sweetness; however, I like the strong flavor of red hard wheat. Sometimes I mix the two together when I make whole wheat bread, or sometimes I just stick to the white hard wheat. Either way, you will have a great end result that is very good and nutritious. If you want to read more about the differences between the two wheats, go here.

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erica e said...

question: will it grind popcorn to make your own cornmeal?

Candace said...

Yes, it can definitely grind popcorn into cornmeal.

tharker said...

I have the same grinder, and I LOVE her! I'm also a huge fan of grinding white wheat and red wheat for my bread. So yummy!

Just in case you think I'm some weird-o...I found you through Chelsea and Natasha's blogs. Love seeing what recipes you come up with. They look delicious!

Daniels Six said...

I read Therese's blog and she had mentioned yours on there. I am trying to cook more for my family. This has always been a goal. I have been adding to my food storage as well and I have lots of wheat and I am very exited to see that the grinder I bought three years ago (never used) was the one you talk about. I have been intimidated by it, but you have shown me how easy it is. I will attempt to make your wheat bread!!

Aunt Debbie said...

Candace, have you ever tried soft white wheat? It is used for pastries and other things, though it is not good for bread. I added some to my food storage this year. I tried using some in a pie crust, half wheat/half white. It was delicious. Nutty tasting. If you get a chance, try it and tell me what you think. (Sorry I make so many comments, but as you can tell, I love making, talking about, and especially eating food. Guess that makes me a "foodie"!)