Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whole Wheat Egg McMuffin

Whole Wheat Egg McMuffin

Whole wheat English muffins
Canadian Bacon or ham of choice
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook all  ingredients on a lightly greased griddle.  Assemble and Eat.

{cooks note}

There really is no recipe for these, or even a right or wrong way of making them.  Cody and I made these a lot for breakfast our first couple of years married.  Then we kind of forgot about them.  I decided to bring them back last week.  I found really great whole wheat English muffins at Costco and all natural Candadian bacon that is the perfect size.  You can make four of these on a pancake griddle.  After I cook one side of the bacon, I put a slice of cheese on the top while the other side cooks so the cheese can melt.  These are quick and easy and the perfect way to eat toast and eggs together.

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erica e said...

mmm.. i love these. this is what hyrum makes whenever he makes a special occasion/ holiday breakfast (mother's day, valentines, my bday etc.) he has a paula deen egg poacher/ toaster that he loves to use though. :)