Thursday, June 3, 2010

Salmon Burgers

Salmon Burgers
from Costco

Buy a bag of Pacific Salmon Burgers from Costco, grill and serve with fresh lemon juice.  

{cooks note}

Cooking friends, these are the best Salmon Burgers ever.  My kids have been asking for them everyday since. I was at Costco last week looking through their coupon book and these Salmon Burgers caught my eye.  They are normally $12.99 at my Costco in Texas, but there was a coupon for $3.75 off (hurry, it only lasts until June 6th).  Since we love Salmon, I bought a bag.  There are 12 in a bag.  You can microwave them, cook them in the oven or grill them.  Grilling is my choice.  I did't have time to make hamburger buns, so we just served them plain with fresh lemon juice.  Yum.  Along with the meal, I used some organic salad mix I used previously in the week for Ginger Steak Salads.  I made a creamy balsamic vinaigrette and added large walnuts and soft goat cheese on top.  We grilled some pineapple on skewers and called it a meal.  Very easy and done in 15 minutes.  


Jenna said...

those look amazingly good!! I'll have to make a costco run. Do they have the coupon book at the store? I'm on my mom's account so I don't get them in the mail.

Candace said...

Yes, you can find the coupon book at the store. I always just go to the customer service counter and they have them there.

Anonymous said...

We go through bags of those salmon patties. We love them!